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*  How do I learn from a child's perspective?
*  What do the words age-appropriate and developmental mean?

* How do I help a child use their words?

* Why do I have to keep repeating myself?
* How do I reach a child when they give me a blank stair?
* Why do children get upset at me for correcting their behavior?
* How do I use Child's Currency so they learn by loss of item?

These are question every person asks themselves when helping / teaching a child... The Gymnastics of Love & Discipline will give you specific communication techniques, and discipline strategies, so you feel confident when correcting a child's behavior.


This website is about offering and assisting parents, teachers, and caregivers with age-appropriate / developmental practices certain to succeed.


25 years, 20 different education systems, 10,000 children,

hundreds of teachers, and thousands of parents

For 25 years, I have had the unique opportunity to observe like a “fly on the wall” from more than 20 different education systems, how adults interacted with children, and how a child interpreted those actions.

Through trial and error, tests I did, my interaction with over 10,000 children, and working with hundreds of teachers (in their classrooms).  I have discovered "why" children misbehave, don’t comply, and fight us for power and attention.

I have developed communication techniques and discipline strategies based on the child’s developmental learning scale that keeps them moving forward, with out fear.  My methods showed me how to control my anger, allowed me to understand why I was getting involved, and gave me an approach that was successful.


A call for change

In order to create change in our children's behaviors, we must learn how they are interpreting our actions, so we can take a positive approach when applying our learning message.  Children in today’s world have adapted  to advancement and technology by learning how to mimic and repeat.  These 2 behaviors are part of the reasons adults misunderstand children.  By only paying attention to the child’s exterior emotions like crying, getting mad or throwing tantrums, and not how the child is interpreting our actions are some reasons adults get angry. That anger turns into frustration which leaves them not knowing what to do or where to start. This results in their becoming sad because they really are trying hard to raise a well balanced child.


Learning the hard way

“I have learned the hard way... children do not understand adult concepts like I thought they did!”   My insights will give you the tools you have been looking for.  Having these answers helped me remain calm and gave me a support system, with a positive approach, so I know it will benefit you! 


Giving Children a Voice

Parents and Teachers, here is your chance to help others by sharing your valuable insight. Please help add to the Teachers’ Wish List, A Child's Point of View, Tests to Give Children, and Classroom Experiences.

Knowing “why” we are getting involved (the learning message) without guessing or getting frustrated is the gift I hope to give all who explore this site, or read my book.

With everyone’s help we can share our insights and experiences with one another which will help us all to give children a voice.

Now let’s go out and apply all of this workable information!!


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